Teresa kidney - In need of a lifesaving kidney donor

One of our parishioners, Teresa Mortise, is in dire need of a kidney!

From Maine-Endwell High School, to St. Joseph’s College of Nursing, to Le Moyne College, to Registered Nurse, to Nurse Manager, serving, deeply caring for, and 

 touching the lives of hundreds of patients and co-workers, Terry has dedicated her life to a 47-year career at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse , N.Y.

Nominated by her co-workers, doctors and selected by committee, Terry was honored in 2013 with the St. Joseph’s Hospital Sister Patricia Ann “Lifetime Achievement Award”.  This award is given to a dedicated employee who exemplify the caring principles and characteristics established by the Hospital’s founding Franciscan Sisters.

Through over four decades of lovingly caring for others, most did not know that she herself was suffering from Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). PKD is a kidney disease that can progress to complete kidney failure. Terry retired from St. Joseph’s Hospital in December of 2020 and now volunteers at the hospital as much as her current health allows. Recently the disease has progressed rapidly. All who know Terry will agree that it’s time that we find a way to return the care and help find her a kidney.

Terry is currently accepted into the Kidney Transplant Program at Upstate University Medical Center in Syracuse, NY. She has been evaluated and medically approved to receive a kidney transplant. So far members of Terry’s family have gone through the kidney donor screening and evaluation process at Upstate Medical Center and sadly, none are a match to be able to donate one of their kidneys to her. Receiving a kidney from a Living Donor provides the best outcome for a second chance at life.

Upstate University Medical Center Kidney Transplant Program has a great website that explains what it means to be a Living Kidney Donor. The website has a simple Kidney Donor Screening Application, when completed there is no obligation and is completely confidential. Throughout the process, a potential donor always has the right to change their mind and decide not to donate. Costs for the donor’s workup, surgery and doctor visits are covered 100 % by Terry’s insurance, the kidney recipient. The Upstate Website is a great place for anyone who might be interested in learning about the process.

The screening application and their website address is: https://www.upstate.edu/surgery/healthcare/transplant/organ-donation/living_donation.php   To open, hold down the control button on your keyboard when you click on this link. Upstate Kidney Transplant Center encourages calling with any questions. Their phone number is 315-464-5413.

Terry has been a loving wife to Carmen and step Mom to his daughter, Kim, for 43 years. They were very disappointed to hear that Carmen’s kidney is not a match for Terry. The Mortise family sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this article and they request that you help them get the word out and share this with your friends and family. Finding a kidney which matches is a big challenge, but it only takes ONE. Donating a kidney is a profound, life-saving gift, which gives a second chance at life.

Thank for from the bottom of our hearts.

Email: teresamortise@gmail.com