Other Giving Options:

  1. Use the Renew St Rose envelope found in the quarterly mailings. If you are currently receiving envelopes for regular giving, this quarter’s mailing will contain a new envelope (enough for each month) labeled Renew St. Rose Campaign. Please use this envelope when submitting your payment for your pledge.

  2. A check directly from your bank- set up directly with your bank online. This is not done by Saint Rose.
  3. Automatic giving via Saint Rose website. This can be done at any point through our parishioner management system called Breeze 
    1. If you already have access to your Breeze account, please skip to “3”.
    2. If you don’t have access to your account, please email nvrazo@syrdio.org with your name and address and you will receive an invitation to access your breeze account.
    3. Once you are in your account you can choose to give a gift or manage a recurring gift. When creating a new gift, click “Give a gift” and enter the amount of your gift, the fund you would like your giving to go to (Please select “Building fund” if for the Renew St. Rose Campaign), the frequency of giving, and if you would like to give via Credit Card or ACH Bank Transfer. Once you’ve filled out this information, click “Continue” and enter the necessary information.